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5 Top Bra Mistakes you’re making And How to Avoid Them

Ada Nwosu

Posted on March 21 2016

For a woman, finding a bra that not only fits but stays with you through thick and thin is a miracle. Buying a bra isn’t like buying your shoes. You don’t choose a bra based solely on how pretty it looks or if it just fits.

Bras help you stay upright and confident, so you need to find the best bra and panty set to make you feel like you could take over the world.

However, more often than not, even those bras that we spent a small fortune on let us down. But why? Why is it that we cannot maintain the perfection of our bras for more than three washes? To help you, Slim Girl is going to tell you the 5 biggest mistakes you make, and will give you a solution for each of them.

5 Bra Mistakes we all make

1.     Using the Last Hooks to Fasten the Straps

When measuring your bra, do you hook the strap on the first row of hooks or the last? When choosing a right bra, set your hooks to the outermost set, rather than the innermost. A bra stretches about three inches in its lifetime. So if you need to buy a bra that should last get one that fits a bit snug on the outermost row of hooks. This can help you adjust it later when you need to make the straps tighter.

2.     Using a One-for-All Bra

One does not simply use one bra for all their dresses. Even if that particular bra is your favorite, it might not support your figure if a certain dress requires a pert shape. Certain shirts can make your whole physique look droopy. So it is always better to try on different bras with your item of clothing so you can pair off your outfit with the best fitting bra.

3.     Wearing the Same Bra for More Than Two Days

If you can’t wear the same shirt three days in a row, you shouldn’t wear the same bra for days on end. Letting your bra rest between wear can help the elastic regain its elasticity. If you keep wearing it for two days, the elastic might get used to the stretch.

This is why many a times; the elastic of your bra ends up looking loose after you take it off. The best way to keep the elastic fresh is by washing it in cold water to shock it. Speaking of washing…

4.     Wash it with an Extra Strength Detergent

Your delicates are called delicates for a reason, but using a delicate strength detergent will only soften the elastic. You need your elastic to stay firm. And while we don’t mean that you should wash your bra with an industrial strength detergent with bleach; to keep your bra in good condition, it might be best to stay away from any extra delicate care washing powders.

5.     Using a Bra that Won’t Fit

Your bra can be your best body shaper, but not if you settle for a bra that doesn’t fit. Bra shopping can be exhausting, we know, but that doesn’t mean you should simply settle for bra that ‘sort of’ fits.

Getting the right bra that first you perfectly will be able to help you in the long run, since a well-fitted bra will last you more than eight months at least. This is a lot better than the two weeks you’ll spend lamenting your decision before throwing it in the deepest darkest corners of your underwear drawer.

Quality is crucial when choosing a bra. So if you’re on the hunt for a well-fitted bra that’ll support you on your quest for a beautiful figure, go ahead and browse the Intimates at Slim Girl. And choose a bra that will truly reflect the perfection that is you.

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