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5 Lingerie Rules To Live By

Ada Nwosu

Posted on March 01 2016

Lingerie is that one piece of garment found in every woman’s closet. Yet, many women struggle to buy the right price for themselves.

Whether you prefer fancy or sophisticated, high quality lingerie has its own appeal. An exquisitely designed lingerie can boost your body image and make you feel more beautiful and confident.

So, the question is; how do you search for the perfect lingerie? Here are 5 tips to help you out:

Rule # 1: Keep At Least Four Pieces of Lingerie

First off, invest in more than just a single lingerie item. Don’t wear the same piece every day because it will lose its elasticity. By having multiple lingerie items, you can rotate them. Also, you won’t have to wash the same piece daily. Remember to handwash your lingerie in cold water. And don’t dry them in a dryer.

Rule # 2: Allow It To breathe

Avoid tight-hugging lingerie. While many of us prefer style, comfort is equally important. Choose a fabric that suits you.

You also need to know your exact size to buy the right lingerie. Moreover, invest in an appropriate style and shape. Not only should the lingerie flatter your body shape, it should also be comfortable to wear.

Rule # 3: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Choices

Never be ashamed of your lingerie choices. No matter what your preference is, embrace it. Lingerie is all about exuding confidence; wear it like you own it.

Plain lingerie works for some women, while others may prefer bold leopard prints. Different women prefer different types of lingerie. The bottom line - your choice of lingerie should make you feel sexy, and at ease.

You can experiment with an array of colors, prints and designs if you want to; so long as your lingerie reflects your personal choice.

Rule # 4: It’s Isn’t Always About Sex

Contrary to popular belief, lingerie is not just about sex. Yes, some women may wear it to spice up their sex life, but lingerie can be worn outside the bedroom. It isn’t just a bedroom accessory. If it makes you feel special, why not wear it for yourself?

Rule # 5: Buy lingerie from a reliable seller

Always buy lingerie from a well-known retail store. Consider your options wisely. Check out as many retail stores as possible, coupled with the lingerie they offer. Look for quality, price and return policy of lingerie retail stores.

If you’re interested in buying sexy yet comfortable lingerie, choose Slim Girl Shapewear. We offer a stunning range of the best quality bra and panties’ sets for you to choose from.

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